Myantra incubates

Great Ideas

We create legendary products which solve real world problems, and then assemble teams to scale them as independent companies.

Myantra integrates strategy, user experience, design and technology to create great products .

Mobile First

Myantra is a startup studio that works with like minded founders to develop and launch new ideas which solve real world problems. With 10 years of designing and building world class proven products for mobile consumer financial services ,hardened and wiser after undertaking the entreprenial journey, the Myantra team has the vision, strategy ,focus and execution to build successful companies.

Myantra Capital is the investment arm of the studio, that seed funds each Myantra company. The Myantra team contributes a significant time on every company and works actively with founders until the company acheives significant traction.


Social collaboration platform for parents & teachers

  • Proven Team

    Bunch of Serial Entrepreneurs with a Mobile Banking and Payments background and a trackrecord of 2 successful companies. Very Hungry and Part Foolish.

January 1st 2015

Beginning of an exciting journey

From Founding Team:

Myantra was started to build products and solutions which solve real world problems for people.

Today, we are excited to be open for business and embark yet again on an exciting journey of entrepreneurship, along with an awesome and talented team and other like minded fellow entreprenuers , to create beautiful, elegant and scalable products which will make a difference to other people.

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01/01/15: Myantra is open for business